FAQs for Teachers & Leaders

Below is a list of questions that teachers and leaders frequently ask. Please feel free to contact us if you want to discuss anything or have any unanswered questions.

What qualifications do staff at The Towers hold? 
All instructional staff hold relevant National Governing Body awards. Often they hold higher awards than are required. They are all highly experienced.

Do school staff need to take part in the activities?
We like a member of school staff to join each activity group and join in with the students. We feel this really helps to develop relationships. Some schools prefer staff to stay with the same activity group all week whilst others teachers like to see a different group each day. 

Is there a member of Towers staff at the centre overnight?
There is a member of Towers staff on duty until 9.00pm. They are available to help organise the evening meal and evening activity. During the night an emergency contact will be contactable by phone.

Is there a designated first aider?
All instructional staff are first aid trained and will be able to provide first aid whilst working. Information related to local doctors, hospitals etc is provided in the centre for when centre staff are off duty. A first aid trained member of staff will also be on call.

Can students bring electrical equipment?
It is requested that young people do not bring mobile phones out on activities, due to safety reasons and the nature of the activities increasing chances of loss or damage to phones. Every instructor carries a mobile phone. It is up to group leaders whether students bring mobile phones to be used in spare time and other electrical equipment such as cameras and tablets. The Towers is not responsible for any loss or damage to these items.

What kit/ clothing does Towers provide?
We give everyone a rucksack containing a waterproof jacket, waterproof trousers, fleece, hat and gloves. This kit is yours for the week to wear during the activities as necessary. We also provide extra fleece clothing and wetsuit boots/ wellies/ walking boots for activities when needed. We have extensive kit stores containing all the technical equipment needed for land and water based activities.

We also provide all bed linen.

Is there a kit list to give parents?
Yes. It can be found here

Is there a staff room?
Yes. We have a staff room that is shared between Towers and school staff.

Is there internet access?
We have internet access and can give you a Wifi code. We discourage internet use by the students as this leads to monitoring difficulties and a lack of social interaction.

Is it possible to visit the centre before booking?
Yes. Please contact us to make arrangements.

Are the students required to take part in any duties?
There are no formal duties however we ask that students take responsibility for keeping their rooms clean and tidy. Many visiting leaders like students to get involved with washing up and tidying up after meals, sweeping minibuses etc.

What are the maximum numbers The Towers can accommodate?
We can accommodate up to a maximum of 65 students.

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