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Safety & Risk Assessments

At The Towers we have an exemplary safety record. During the past 50 yeras we have become recognised as a leading provider of outdoor education. All of our instructional staff hold the relevant National Governing Body awards and are highly experienced. Nick Dixon who is one of our two heads of centre is the nominated advisor for outdoor education provision for Wolverhampton. He is also part of the Outdoor Education Advisory Panel.

We are inspected bi-annually by the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA), ensuring that we follow good safety management practices. Our licence number is L1427 / R0433.  We are also a member of the Association of Heads of Outdoor Education Centres (AHOEC) which promotes and advises on high quality outdoor learning experiences. 

As a centre we continually review our practises and share information on our changing environment with regards to safety. We believe in the importance of dynamic risk assessment and only employ staff who are capable of making sound decisions in relation to the group and changing environment.