We ask for feedback from all staff who bring groups to The Towers. Below is what they said during the academic year 2014/15.
  • 100% of teachers said a visit to The Towers led to their students being more motivated and having raised attainment.

  • The young people enjoyed the outdoor experiences and the range of activities.

  • 100% of young people had opportunties to increase confidence and raise self-esteem.

  • Young people have been able to develop their ability to solve problems and make decisions.

  • Young people have increased awareness of choices for healthy and safer lifestyles including challenge, risk, personal safety and the importnace of excercise.

Some more feedback from staff and students

Towers is an amazing outdoor centre that will let you experience the wonders of nature with your friends.


Roa, Trinity C of E Primary. Age 10

Towers is a great outdoor centre that helps build confidence, and do things that I never thought existed. These days at Towers have made me realise that I love the countryside!


Chyann, Trinity C of E Primary. Age 10

As always the quality of instruction, sensitivity to the groups, organisation of the week and level of expertise is second to none. The students have been challenged and achieved so much during the week because the instructors have so quickly judged their capabilities and comfort zones.

Wolverhampton Grammar School

A great week was had by all.

A good team of instructors, who were great with the children, and good company for the adults.

I always look forward to this week and it did not disappoint.

Stafford Preparatory School

At the Towers they experience some of the highest quality outdoor education in the U.K.

Pupils come away inspired, invigorated and with an increased appetite for learning.

North Shropshire College

Trembling with excitement

Overcoming fears

Water, agonising challenges

Extending ourselves

Ready for anything

So many nerves.

Pupil, Penn Hall School

If I had to rate Towers food it would be 10 out of 10. All the food I was hoping was there was there.

Pupil, East Park Primary School.

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